Fayette County

Update: Police question 2 men after 2 shot in Lexington

Lexington police are interviewing two people in relation to a shooting that occurred Thursday afternoon on Willard Street in Lexington.

Lt. Richard Bottoms said two bystanders were shot outside 222 Willard Street, off Manchester Street, following a fight between two other men.

Bottoms said one of the people involved in the fight got into a waiting car and drove away with another person who was in the car. He said shots were fired as the two drove away.

Bottoms said one of the victims was taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and the other didn't need medical care.

A witness, Ashley Davis, 23, who is the niece of the victim taken to the hospital, said there was an argument between another man and the shooter, the shooter got a gun from his car and shot twice into the air, hitting the victim.

Bottoms said the subjects being interviewed were found in Nicholasville and brought back to Lexington for questioning.