Fayette County

Work on bridge halted after dirt washes into creek

Work on a new bridge over Wolf Run in west Lexington was halted over the weekend because of concerns about dirt washing into the creek.

The city, which had hired The Allen Co. to do the work, issued a notice of violation late Friday after the Herald-Leader started asking about complaints it had received.

A cloth fence stretched along both banks of the creek was positioned in such a way that it left exposed dirt and rock below and on the ends of the fence.

“The soil exposed to the flow of the creek was not protected,” the notice said.

The problem was corrected over the weekend with cloth and rock that covered both banks, and work resumed Monday, said Sam Williams, a city engineer who was at the site.

Williams noted that water in the creek was ponding behind an old dam upstream from the construction site, and was being pumped around the site to avoid runoff problems.

That plan had been in place last week, but was thwarted by a couple of heavy rains that caused water to flow through the site, Williams said.

He checked the creek downstream from the site after the rains, and the water was not muddy.

Ken Cooke, an officer in a group called Friends of Wolf Run, sent an e-mail to city officials early Friday after being called by the newspaper.

He said the old bridge needed to be replaced, and that heavy equipment near a creek is “bound to mess things up.”

But, he said, the contractor needed “to tighten things up.”

Williams said Monday that that had been done. Early next week, he said, a large culvert will be dropped into place, and most of the disturbance to the creek will be over.