Fayette County

Help sought to solve hit-and-run

Police and the father of a Lexington man who was killed by a hit-and-run driver asked Wednesday for help in solving the case.

On June 29, Larry Gay, a former University of Louisville assistant basketball coach, enjoyed a nice Sunday breakfast with his son Anthony, who had recently moved in with him and his wife, Gayle.

Larry left to play a round of golf and didn't ask his son what his plans were for the day.

That evening, he received a call that stopped him in his tracks.

A vehicle had struck Anthony Gay on Walden Drive. After four heart-wrenching days in intensive care at the University of Kentucky Hospital, Anthony Gay, 30, succumbed to head injuries early July 3.

Larry Gay buried his son Tuesday, and the pain of his loss is only amplified by a complete lack of answers.

No driver.

No witnesses.

No color or model of the vehicle that hit Anthony.

His friends cannot even say why he was at the scene or who he was with.

So Larry Gay wants anyone with any information, no matter how insignificant it might seem, to come forward to police, anonymously if necessary.

“If you work at a body shop and someone seems suspicious about damage to their vehicle, or refuses to claim the damage on their insurance, if they just don't want to talk about it ... let us know,” Gay said during the news conference.

Based on the state of the two cars that the perpetrator also crashed into, the damage should be significant.

According to lead detective Todd Kleinjan, the vehicle that struck Anthony Gay was most likely a truck or sport-utility vehicle.

Larry Gay has faith that the community will pull together to help solve the crime.

“We live in a good community,” he said. “I think there has to be someone out there that knows more than we do. Anthony deserves for us to know what happened to him.”

Anthony Gay moved to Lexington from Louisville in January and worked two retail jobs at Journeys and the Gap.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Lexington police at (859) 258-3600 or Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020. There might be a reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

“Do this for Anthony,” Gay said.

“Do it for me. Do it for his family.”