Fayette County

City vehicles being auctioned online

Looking for a slightly used dump truck, giant leaf vacuum, Ford Taurus or Ford F-150 pickup?

Well, Lexington has a deal for you.

The city is auctioning off more than 80 surplus pool vehicles over the Internet to generate an estimated $300,000.

So far, 12 vehicles have been sold for about $53,000, said Kimra Cole, the city's commissioner of general services.

The vehicles are low-usage vehicles, meaning the passenger vehicles were driven an average of only 180 miles per month, Cole said. The heavy-duty vehicles were used less than 40 hours a year.

Selling the low-usage vehicles was a recommendation from a management audit that was completed in February.

The first group of vehicles sold was posted on PublicSurplus.com, a site specializing in government surplus auctions, at the end of June.

Each vehicle will be listed between 10 days and two weeks, depending on the type of vehicle, Cole said. Trucks and cars will be listed for 10 days, and specialized vehicles will be listed for two weeks.

The vehicles will be posted for sale in batches as soon as the city is done fixing and cleaning them up, Cole said. “We wouldn't want to flood the market with a bunch of them. We're starting to sell them a little at a time as they get ready.”

The final auctions should be completed in early fall.