Fayette County

Cheapside closed to vehicle traffic till Nov. 1

Cheapside will be closed to vehicle traffic until Nov. 1 starting with this week's Thursday Night Live event.

Cheapside is a one-way, one-block street between West Short and West Main streets, on the west side of the old Fayette County Courthouse, now the Lexington History Museum

The street closing was done at the request of merchants and property owners who want to create a more pedestrian-friendly area during the warmer months.

Temporary barriers, which will be installed at both ends of Cheapside before Thursday night, will still allow emergency vehicles access to the street.

Whether the street will be temporarily closed each year from April 15 to Nov. 1 for the festival season will be evaluated after this year's trial period is completed.

Groups interested in hosting an event at Cheapside Park must complete a special events application, which can be found at the city's web site, www.lfucg.com/LFUCG/special_events.asp. For more information, call the city's special events office at (859) 231-3100 or the Downtown Lexington Corp. at (859) 425-2590.