Fayette County

Lexington registers mild drought

The remnants of Hurricane Ike brought lots of wind but no wet, settling Lexington and the Bluegrass region a little deeper into a mild drought.

And the forecast calls for more dry.

"I don't foresee any rain for at least a week," said Keys Arnold of the University of Kentucky Agricultural Weather Center. If the forecast is correct, he said, the region could be in moderate drought by early next week.

Although we're still somewhat ahead of average rainfall for the year, five of the last six weeks have come up short.

Since the first of July, Lexington has received 3.4 fewer inches of rain than normal.

The Palmer Drought Severity Index says we need about that much above normal levels to climb out of the drought.

The region now is in its second week of mild drought.

The Central Kentucky climatological region, which includes Louisville, also is in mild drought. Eastern Kentucky is in moderate drought. Western Kentucky, which has caught wetter hurricane remnants, is in the incipient drought category.