Fayette County

'White Christmas House' in Lexington is for sale

The house on Chinoe Road that has been decorated for years with 50,000 Christmas lights is on the market.

Owners Ron and Linda Turner put it up for sale over the weekend, asking $1.38 million for the 10,400-square-foot home affectionately known as "The White Christmas House" or "The House Where Santa Claus Lives."

For the 16 years since Ron Turner built the house, it's been home to Lexington's most elaborate display of Christmas decorations.

The couple also typically host underprivileged kids who come to find a white horse-drawn carriage with Santa Claus on board, bringing his gifts, and helpers dressed as elves for the festivities.

They have been living in Frankfort since Ron Turner was in a plane crash last year, and he said he and his wife are considering either staying there or moving back to the home at 1008 Chinoe Road if it doesn't sell.

But not to worry, Christmas revelers.

If the home sells, Turner said he'll require the new owner to either put up the lights for one more Christmas or let him do it one last time.