Fayette County

Lexington seeks Christmas trees for downtown

The city of Lexington is looking for four evergreen trees to be placed for the holidays in Triangle Park at Main and Broadway; the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Plaza at Main and Limestone; Thoroughbred Park at Main and Midland; and in front of the KU Building on Quality Street.

If you have a tree to donate, the city will inspect it to see if it is suitable; if it is chosen, Kentucky Utilities will remove it in early November at no cost to you.

The tree lightings will be Nov. 29.

Trees must:

■ Be Scotch pines, balsam firs or Fraser firs.

■ Be 20 to 25 feet wide and 40 to 50 feet high.

■ Have a pyramidal shape, with fullness especially at the bottom.

■ Be growing in a place where KU can back a low-boy trailer up to the tree and place utility trucks on each side.

To donate, call LexCall at 311 before Nov. 3.