Fayette County

City council election certified after recanvass

After a recanvass of votes in the District 5 Urban County Council race, Cheryl Feigel was declared the winner of the election Thursday morning.

Runner-up Edward Norton had asked Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins for a recanvass of the Nov. 4 election results. Norton, an insurance salesman, had lost to retiree Feigel by 67 votes.

During the recanvass, the paper tapes from the electronic voting machines were checked against the final tally.

The final vote count did not change. None of the vote totals from the paper tapes was incorrect. In all, the recanvass took six minutes.

Moments after the recanvass, the Fayette County Board of Elections certified the Fayette County election results.

"Thank you very much for going through the process for us and making sure everybody is satisfied with the result," Feigel said.

"Well, congratulations again," Norton told Feigel. "I look forward to working with you, councilwoman."

Norton said he wasn't surprised with the result, but that he asked for the recanvass because of the small vote margin.

"They say computers don't make mistakes, but people do," Norton said.

Feigel said she already has begun work as the District 5 councilwoman-elect by meeting with council members and Mayor Jim Newberry.

She has a district tour scheduled for Friday with Newberry and outgoing District 5 Councilman David Stevens.