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Study suggests ways city should change and keep its balance

After a year of work to develop a new vision for Lexington, the results can be summed up in three words, said Charlie Boland, manager of the city's Destination 2040 project.

"Keep our balance," he said.

Still, the official statement produced by the community visioning study is a bit longer. Destination 2040 developed "Great city life in a productive rural paradise" as the city's vision, with this overarching vision statement: "Lexington will be one of the world's great midsized cities by striking and sustaining a brilliant balance of dynamic urban living and a matchless rural setting."

People recognize that maintaining the urban and rural balance in Lexington is critically important, Boland said.

All of the city's upcoming short-term and long-term decisions should be made with the vision in mind, said Mayor Jim Newberry.

The Destination 2040 report includes 90 proposals for change, 15 of which are considered "momentum builders." The momentum builders include:

■ Working as a region to establish the "Bluegrass Diamond within the Golden Triangle."

■ Establishing a network of civic engagement.

■ Being more proactive about land-use planning.

■ Improving public transportation.

■ Establishing an animal-health business corridor.

The other 75 recommendations fall under four main categories: human needs, physical growth, economic expansion and cultural creativity.

The Destination 2040 project began last January, working from a root question of "How will we protect all that we value while continuing to grow as a community?"

More than 3,000 citizens participated by attending community meetings or filling out a scientific survey.

The Urban County Council received a presentation on the Destination 2040 report at Tuesday's work session and referred the report to the council's planning committee for further study.

Developing a community vision was one of the six priorities agreed upon by Newberry and the council in January 2007.

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