Fayette County

Inaugural scenes: At thrift store, even a voice of experience has business to attend to

Adah Holland comes to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on New Circle Road every Saturday. She's here on a Tuesday because someone brought her and she never, ever turns down a trip to the thrift store.

She is 81 and well aware of the meaning of the day but she has, she notes, "seen presidents since back to Truman." Which means that she has seen better times and she has seen worse.

"Me and my sister used to go to a soup kitchen to make sure we ate," says Holland, who, of 13 siblings, is the last still living.

This doesn't mean she doesn't have hope today. She has plenty. But her friend offered her this ride to the thrift store, and "I do good with my money when I have it."

She did see the TV at the entrance but isn't in the market for a TV, marked at $499.99.

The TV is tuned to CBS. The new president is finishing his inaugural speech.

The "whole idea is to let people know the TV works," says Wanda Conway, 33, a store clerk She says shopping's been kind of steady all day.

Still, a few stay to listen, including, ever so briefly, a trio of non-English-speaking workers who say "Obama" to each other and smile, in recognition.