Fayette County

Inaugural scenes: At Lexington gym, workouts in step with a historic event

At the cavernous Urban Active gym on Palumbo Drive, it seems like any other midday — a cacophony of piped-in music, humming cardio machines and clinking weights — but almost everywhere, television screens show the same images of the inauguration of Barack Obama .

And as the swearing-in begins, almost everyone looks on — walkers taking loops around the track past fogged-up windows, weight-lifters checking out their reflections in walls of mirrors, rows of stationary runners lined up on treadmills.

Scott Stovall, 25, a pharmacy student who plans to graduate soon from the University of Kentucky, says he timed his treadmill run for the inauguration. "I try to plan to work out when something interesting is on," he says.

During his speech, Obama speaks of "the work of remaking America," something Stovall says he is looking forward to, even if he knows it might take a while.

"We'll just have to wait and see. Any progress is good progress," he says. "People need to pray for him."

Kevin Goodin of Lexington makes the most of his workout: Walking on a treadmill and listening to tunes on his earbuds while watching images of the inauguration and reading the words that crawl across the screen.

Goodin, 30, says he usually makes a point of watching inaugurations. And although many found Obama's words inspiring, Goodin says, the days ahead will show what kind of president this man will be.

"Sounds good," he says of Obama's speech, "but he sounds like a politician. I take everything with a grain of salt and watch for effect.

Still, Goodin hopes for the best in the days ahead.

"You never know," he says. "Each president is a possibility."