Fayette County

Lexington streets pocked with potholes

First it was snow, then ice and tree debris. Now come the potholes.

Since Feb. 4, the city has received calls about 258 potholes on city streets and has repaired 179, said Mike Webb, the city's public works and development commissioner.

"We realize that we will be repairing these potholes for quite a while," Webb said.

The goal is to have each pothole filled within 48 hours of receiving the call, he said.

The city had four work crews filling potholes Monday and six on Tuesday.

The city is responsible for repairing all potholes on roads inside New Circle Road as well as all city-maintained roads outside of New Circle. The state is responsible for fixing potholes on state roads outside New Circle Road such as Nicholasville Road, Richmond Road, Winchester Road, Harrodsburg Road and Paris Pike.