Fayette County

Post offices close earlier on tax day

Gripped by their own financial crisis and anticipating an increase in online tax filing, post offices won't stay open late hours on Wednesday for procrastinating taxpayers.

Lexington closing times are:

4:30 p.m.: Henry Clay Station (365 Duke Road) and University of Kentucky (Whitehall Classroom Building).

5 p.m.: Gardenside Station (1729 Alexandria Drive), Liberty Road Station (2041 Creative Drive, Suite 100), Beaumont Station (1025 Majestic Drive), Post Rider Station (210 East High Street), PIP Printing (433 Southland Drive) and Patriot Tax Service (1388 Alexandria Drive).

5:30 p.m.: Rite Aid (3120 Pimlico Parkway).

6 p.m.: True Value Hardware (Eastland Shopping Center off Winchester Road).

7 p.m.: Bluegrass Station (3525 Lansdowne Drive) and Meijer stores at Hamburg Pavilion and Reynolds Road.

8 p.m.: Main post office (1088 Nandino Boulevard).

9 p.m.: Tropical Smoothie Café (1060 Chinoe Road, Suite 112).

10 p.m.: Gleneagles Chevron (6400 Polo Club Lane).

Can't file on time? Request a six-month extension by filing Form 4868, either by mail or electronically. But you're still supposed to pay what you owe by April 15.