Fayette County

Mayor appoints 22 to oversee census

Taking a step to ensure that the 2010 census gives a complete count of Fayette County residents, Mayor Jim Newberry signed an executive order Tuesday creating a 22-member committee to oversee the local count.

"Everyone on the list has inroads into populations that need to be counted," said Jack Burch, executive director of the Community Action Council and chairman of the new committee.

Other members are Reginald Thomas, Kentucky State University; Morry LaTour, Mayor's Commission for Citizens with Disabilities; Amber Cronen, Hope Center; Isabel Yates, former vice mayor; council members Peggy Henson, Tom Blues and Andrea James; Alice Nelson, Fayette County schools; Cheryl Talbert, city adult services; Kristy Stambaugh, city aging services; Melinda Rowe, health commissioner; Patrice Muhammed, Key Newsjournal; Andres Cruz, La Voz; Isabel Taylor, city multi-cultural affairs coordinator; Marlene Helm, social services commissioner; Augusta Julian, Bluegrass Community and Technical College; Bob Quick, Commerce Lexington; Dana Zinger, CLX Membership Development; P.G. Peeples, Urban League; Elisa E. Bruce, Fifth Third Bank; and Lisa Higgins-Hord, University of Kentucky.