Fayette County

Gateway to Lexington's East End neighborhood opens

A new gateway to Lexington's East End neighborhood was created Wednesday with the opening of Shropshire Avenue extension. Shropshire now connects East Sixth Street to Midland Avenue.

Also, new street signs for the neighborhood, with the East End logo, were unveiled. During the next several months, 518 street signs in the East End will be replaced.

The $2.4 million Shropshire Avenue extension provides access to a neighborhood that been isolated from much of downtown, said Austin Simms, executive director of the Lexington-Fayette County Housing Authority. "This opens up all kinds of opportunities for the neighborhood to be reintegrated into the city," he said.

The city built the half-mile extension as part of its commitment to the redevelopment of 80 acres that were once the site of Bluegrass Aspendale public housing project.

Shropshire now also connects to Goodloe Street for improved circulation.