Fayette County

Lexington police say parents left infant unattended on relative's porch

As of Thursday morning, Lexington police had not filed charges against a couple accused of leaving their 5-month-old son unattended on a relative's porch on Wednesday.

Police say Sharika Williams and Brandon Watts left the infant outside his paternal grandmother's home on Wilson Road after a dispute about who was going to watch the baby. The grandmother was not home at the time.

About noon, police were alerted by a passerby that a baby in a stroller was sitting in front of the home unattended. The National Weather Service reported that temperatures were 90 degrees at noon in Lexington.

It's unclear how long the child was left unattended. Watts and Williams live on Seventh Street, a little more than a mile away.

Officers interviewed Williams, after she returned to the home Wednesday while officers were on scene. Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said investigators had not found Watts.

Roberts said police were trying to determine whether to charge the couple — and, if so, the appropriate charge.

Roberts said the boy was not injured. He was taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital on Wednesday as a precaution, she said.