Fayette County

Sewer line repairs nearing completion

The broken sewer line that had been polluting a creek near Versailles Road was expected to be repaired late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Mark York, a spokesman for the city's Division of Water Quality, said workers were digging up and replacing 185 feet of the line where they found four leaks. If there had been only one leak, city officials had hoped to repair it by inserting a liner into the 8-inch pipe.

Sewage from the line, which serves about 50 homes and a retirement home, is being pumped into a manhole that leads to a larger sanitary sewer until the repair is completed.

Before the work started Monday, sewage apparently had been leaking for some time into Vaughns Branch, a tributary of Wolf Run creek. The leak was reported in early July, but city workers who checked could not find it. They scheduled tests that would have provided a closer look, but those had not been done when the leak was reported again Sunday.

After the line is replaced, restoration of the area is expected to take about two weeks, York said.

Dead crayfish were found last week in Vaughns Branch and Wolf Run, a possible result of sewage in the water and high temperatures that suck oxygen from the water.