Fayette County

Arrest warrant in Lexington killing describes drug deal gone bad

A Lexington man pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges that he shot and killed a young father and injured another man over the weekend.

Darnell Eugene Farrier, 29, is accused of killing Jerry Wayne Waugh, who died early Monday at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital of a gunshot wound to the head.

He also is accused of shooting Jerrod Vice, 27, who is in fair condition.

On Tuesday, Vice told officers Farrier was the shooter, according to an arrest warrant filed in Fayette District Court.

Vice told officers he met with a man he knew only as "D" to sell him drugs, the document said. When D entered the car, Vice said D immediately shot Waugh and demanded money and a cell phone from Vice. Vice complied, and D shot him before fleeing, the document said.

Vice told investigators he had spoken with the shooter by phone earlier in the day, and police were able to track Farrier through cell phone records; Vice identified a photo of Farrier as the man who shot him, the warrant said.

On Thursday, public defender Craig Newbern was appointed to Farrier's case, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled Oct. 1. Newbern said he could not comment until he had time to review the case.

Farrier is charged with murder, first-degree assault and first-degree robbery in the shooting. A possession of marijuana charge was added Wednesday after officers found a bag of marijuana in Farrier's pants pocket, according to court records.

Farrier is being held at the Fayette County jail. At Thursday's arraignment, Newbern asked for Farrier's bond to be reduced, but Judge Maria Ransdell left it at $267,600.

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