Fayette County

4 sections of old Harrodsburg Road in Jessamine to get new names

NICHOLASVILLE — Four sections of the old two-lane Harrodsburg Road in Jessamine County are about to get new names, including one that honors a Kentucky Derby winner and another that salutes the birthplace of a Derby winner.

On Aug. 1, portions of Harrodsburg Road will become Barbaro Lane, Almahurst Lane, Mare Haven Lane and Sunset Lane.

The four sections of road were created when the new four-lane U.S. 68 was built. The new road, which opened in August 2010, weaves back and forth over the old two-lane Harrodsburg Road from just south of Southland Christian Church to the Y intersection with Ky. 29 north of Wilmore.

Jessamine County Fiscal Court adopted the names on June 7. They won't take effect until Aug. 1, said Chris Bowman, addressing coordinator for Jessamine County 911.

Barbaro Lane honors 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, the colt foaled at what is now Springmint Farm in Jessamine County (at the time of his birth, it was leased as Sanborn Farm). Barbaro was considered a Triple Crown candidate until he broke his leg in three places during the Preakness Stakes.

Almahurst Lane takes its name from Almahurst Farm, which produced Exterminator, the 1918 Kentucky Derby winner, as well as Greyhound, a world champion trotter.

Mare Haven Lane also tips its hat to the area's horse heritage, and Sunset Lane simply describes the view. "Sunset was a small section of road that had only four residences," Bowman said. "I talked to a couple of neighbors there, and they said, 'Oh, we have awesome sunsets from our front porches.'"

The names for the four roads were voted on by those who live on or who own property in the affected areas, Bowman said.

"They took ownership once they had the opportunity to give some input," Brown said. "And we wanted them to. They're the ones that have to live there."

In a news release, Bowman said, "From an emergency-services perspective, it was important for us to name these sections of roadway before they became known by informal names like 'old Harrodsburg Road.'

"If and when 911 receives a call, we need information that is as exact as possible. Because there are several sections of road that could be called 'old Harrodsburg Road'— and there is even an existing road, near Ramsey's (restaurant in southern Fayette County), by that name, so it could get very confusing for dispatchers and residents. This will solve the problem before it begins."