Fayette County

Deer crashes into, out of Lexington shopping center

A deer dove through a plate glass window and into a vacant suite in the Millpond shopping center on Boston Road around 7:30 p.m. Monday, then left by way of another window.

Tow truck driver John Zani said he was unloading a car in the parking lot of Exhaust Pro when he saw a doe cross Man o' War Boulevard and come into the shopping center. He said it ran along the sidewalk before jumping through the window of the vacant suite, which is next door to the Boston Road Animal Clinic.

Zani said the deer "bounced around" inside the suite for a full five minutes, then made a running leap through another window to exit.

He said the deer continued through the parking lot of the shopping center before coming to the stop sign, where she "went left on Boston Road."

Police Lt. Chris Van Brackel said police would try to track the trail of blood left by the deer, but that the deer likely would not have lived long after the incident.

"She was bleeding real bad," Zani said.