Fayette County

Postal service considers moving some jobs from Lexington to Louisville

The U.S. Postal Service's Lexington Processing and Distribution Center is considering the possibility of moving jobs to Louisville, according to a news release issued Friday.

The postal service announced plans for a study at the distribution center for "possible consolidation of some operations" to the Louisville Postal Processing and Distribution Center.

Postal service spokesman David Walton said if that were to happen, the transferred jobs would be those of people who handle the processing and pre-sorting of mail.

Walton said a rise in social media and Internet use has caused a steep decline in the volume of first-class mail.

He said the study could take up to nine months, and once it's finished, the postal service could decide that no changes need to be made.

If any of the 366 employees at the Lexington plant are transferred, they will end up at the Louisville plant or at a plant in the Lexington area where there are vacancies, Walton said. He added that these studies are happening nationwide.

The postal service doesn't lay off employees, he said.

No post offices will be closed, regardless of the results of the study, Walton said.