Fayette County

Fayette County planning commission puts gas station for Chinoe Kroger on hold

After a lengthy discussion Thursday about whether to approve Kroger's request to put a gas station in the Chinoe Village shopping center, Lexington's Planning Commission voted to continue the case until the commission's Feb. 9 meeting.

The extension will give Kroger a chance to get answers about screening, noise, the height of the canopy over the gas pumps and the expected traffic impact on Chinoe Road.

Kroger requested approval for a gas station with five fuel pumps and 10 nozzles in front of its store in Chinoe Village. The facility would be behind the Chinoe Pub and Subway.

In 2002, Kroger submitted a development plan for a similar station and received city approval but never went ahead with construction. Lynn Phillips, a commission member, said a gas station is an approved use in a planned shopping center and questioned how it could be excluded, even if commission members wanted to keep it out.

Several neighbors spoke against the proposal.