Fayette County

Transylvania students place dolls along North Limestone

If traffic on North Limestone was a little more erratic than usual Wednesday morning, blame it on the doll hunters.

Late Tuesday night, Transylvania students placed exactly 1,111 dolls from the Avenue of Champions all the way up to New Circle Road. Community groups made the dolls throughout the semester, using socks, clay, clothespins and wood. Finders, keepers, although people were asked to take only one doll.

"From the beginning, the purpose has been for us to become better neighbors with our community," said Kurt Gohde, the Transylvania professor who teaches Community Engagement Through the Arts course with colleague Kremena Todorova. "We want people to be compelled to go to Limestone and have a fun experience while they're there."

The idea for the project came from the three-year public arts project of local artist Ed Franklin. He makes small wooden dolls, and hides them throughout North Lexington. Franklin worked with the class throughout the semester.

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