Fayette County

Gas leak report leads Lexington police to disabled man in house full of trash

An anonymous tip Thursday about a gas leak led officials to a home on Shawnee Drive in Lexington, where a disabled man was living in deplorable conditions, police said.

Officials from the gas company and the Lexington Division of Fire found no gas leak, but they found the man alone in a home so full of refuse that it was difficult to open doors and impossible to walk around, officials said.

Trash, mostly in bags, was piled "floor to ceiling" in the home, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

Code enforcement and fire officials condemned the house Thursday afternoon. Police and state adult protective services were at the house.

Roberts said the man lived in the home with a female caretaker, who apparently was at work. No charges had been filed Thursday afternoon, and it wasn't immediately clear where the people who lived in the house would go.