Fayette County

Kindle lights our fire: Lexington is nation's top city for e-readers

Congratulations, Lexington, you city of readers.

You heard me.

Lexington is at the top of the list of American cities ranked by their purchase of e-readers, otherwise known as the "Kindle Index."

The list was compiled by The Atlantic's mobile Web site's columnist on consumer buying habits, Rohin Dhar of Priceeconomics.com

Following Lexington is Ann Arbor, Anchorage and Madison, Wisc..

Dhar reasoned that the city that bought the most e-readers "must surely be the most elite and culture city in America. As a company based in San Francisco, we naturally assumed that the most literate, cultured and forward-thinking people live here."

Dhar can be assumed to be writing with tongue deeply embedded in check. He could not be immediately reached for comment.

But at least one highly literate Lexingtonian thinks the ranking shows just how passionate we are about our books, be they in paper or electronic form.

"I think it really shows just how voracious we are as readers," said Neil Chethik, executive director of the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. "We're using every device to make it convenient for us, more attractive to us. I'm proud to wave the flag for e-literates."

Chethik grew up in No. #2 Ann Arbor, so his hyper-literacy was perhaps inevitable.

"I personally continue to love the hard copy book," he said. "There will always be a desire to connect with the art of the physical book as well as the art of what is written on the page."

Doug Tattershall, a spokesman for the Lexington Public Library, said that the library's e-book collection circulated 30,000 titles last year.

"The big news regarding all this is that it seems that people start reading more books when they get an e-reader," Tattershall said. "This could potentially be a big boost for reading."