Fayette County

Fountain remains red for a second day; dilution scheduled for Friday

Water in Lexington's Triangle Park fountain was still red Thursday despite crews' efforts to dilute it to its intended pink color.

The water was supposed to be dyed pink Wednesday to promote Friday's free showing of the film Pretty in Pink in the park as a nod to the film's sponsor, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. However, too much dye was apparently put in and the water came out blood red.

Downtown Lexington Corporation President Renee Jackson said crews would drain much of the water Friday and replace it to try to dilute it to its intended color before the film's showing.

Despite the color setbacks in the large fountain near the Lexington Center, crews successfully dyed a nearby smaller fountain to the correct color Thursday morning. That fountain is on the sidewalk at the corner of Broadway and Main Streets.

"We used a lot less dye in that one," Jackson said.

The snafu generated much discussion and raised awareness of the film, which is the first in a series called Fountain Films on Fridays. Films will be shown in the park every other Friday through August, Jackson said.

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