Fayette County

Lexington gas prices lower, so fill 'er up

Average gas prices in Lexington are several cents per gallon cheaper than the national average, and analysts do not expect prices to rise much through the holiday weekend.

However, because speculators and stockbrokers can influence the price of a gallon of gas, that prediction could change. Lexingtonians who plan to take a car trip over Memorial Day weekend should fill up while prices are relatively cheap, said Christopher Oakford, spokesman for AAA of the Bluegrass.

"Unfortunately, it is really, really difficult ever to predict what gas prices are going to do," he said.

Just a month ago, regular gasoline prices in Lexington hovered above the $3.80 mark, but they have steadily fallen to around $3.60, he said.

The state average Thursday was $3.58 per gallon, below the national average of $3.67.

While gas prices in Lexington are usually similar at all gas stations, prices now vary by as much as 15 cents depending on where you go.

Some people still think cheaper gas means it is inferior quality, Oakford said, but he said that's not the case, and he advised motorists to fill up where gas is cheapest.

"Gas is tightly regulated. It's all perfectly good stuff," he said. "If you see it being advertised for $3.60, why would you buy it for $3.70?"