Fayette County

Lexington's first mountain bike trail opens in Veterans Park

Lexington's first mountain bike trail opened Wednesday in Veterans Park in southern Fayette County. The 4-mile trail was built to standards established by the International Mountain Biking Association for beginning and intermediate riders.

The trail was built by the city in partnership with the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association. "It's a manifestation of doing more with less," Mayor Jim Gray said at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The original estimate for the trail was $150,000, the mayor said. It ended up costing $30,000.

The project was proposed by Jim Johnson, a structural engineer and avid mountain biker who told Gray he thought the trail could be built if the city partnered with the local mountain bike association. The city cleared brush to make way for the trail, and graded and compacted the surface.

Contractor Pedal-the-Planet Trails built the trail at reduced cost to the city, Gray said. The company also donated a fix-it station so bikers may make repairs while on the trail.

Gray said the trail adds to quality of life and to Lexington's reputation as a healthy place to live and work, and as a tourist destination.