Fayette County

Lexington has its own "shelter in place" protocol

With the tragic manhunt in Watertown, Mass., the term "shelter in place" has burst into the national lexicon.

Local officials are also ready to "shelter in place," but in Kentucky, it means something different, said Pat Dugger, director of emergency management for the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government.

In Kentucky, Dugger said it refers to taking shelter in anticipation of bad weather like a tornado or in response to a chemical or industrial accident.

There is a different protocol for protecting the community during violence. These are not mandated by the state, but she said are consider "best practices."

Dugger said the emergency response in Boston has been "phenomenal" and that Fayette County emergency management staff has previously worked with their peers up north to adopt some of their procedures. She also said the Boston community should be applauded for listening to the emergency management advice to stay home.

Mary Meehan