Fayette County

Squirrel causes 90-minute power outage on Lexington's south side

The work of "one determined squirrel" left about 5,500 people without electrical power on Lexington's south side Sunday morning, a Kentucky Utilities spokesman said.

Cliff Feltham said the squirrel got inside an electrical substation in the Clays Mill Road area about 9 a.m. Sunday. When it "touched the wrong thing" and was electrocuted, the system shut down, cutting power to an area that included Stonewall and other locations between Clays Mill and Harrodsburg roads as far south as Man o' War Boulevard, he said.

Power was restored shortly after 10:30 a.m., Feltham said.

Outages caused by animals getting into electrical equipment are relatively rare, but they do happen, he said.

"They happen more than we would like but not as often as they used to," Feltham said. "Today, we put squirrel guards on our substations that make it really hard for squirrels to get inside.

"This must have been one determined squirrel."