Fayette County

Rally at Lexington courthouse decries police brutality

A group of people waited in front of the Fayette County circuit courthouse, while others who marched from nearby William Wells Brown Elementary School made their way down Main Street chanting and holding up signs as they participated in a National Day of Action Against Police Brutality on Wednesday night.

The annual observance, which started in 1996, was given new life by organizers in Ferguson, Mo., who have protested since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. Wednesday's event was planned by the Lexington Stop Mass Incarceration Network in support of Ferguson October, a grassroots movement that has grown since the shooting.

April Taylor, a founder of the network, said the march came together after students from Berea College, Eastern Kentucky University and other universities reached out to support protestors in Missouri.

About 60 people met in front of the courthouse, where they placed photos of victims of police brutality in the middle of a prayer circle. Moments later, the participants lit candles as they prayed, cried and hugged. Silence was kept for four minutes, one minute for each hour authorities said Brown's body was left on the ground.

Three women who recited poetry were reduced to tears. Others addressed the crowd asking for unity, change and continued awareness.

The event lasted more than an hour. Participants came from various racial backgrounds and age groups.