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Missing service dog sought by an army of Lexington searchers

Lucy has been missing since her owner visited Lexington in October.
Lucy has been missing since her owner visited Lexington in October.

A fuzzy white dog who went missing from her owner while visiting Lexington last month has caused an army of searchers to mobilize in the community.

The dog, Lucy, went missing Oct. 18, after she dug out from under a fence at a home on Floral Park, in the Nicholasville Road area near the University of Kentucky campus.

Her owner, Mary Gilmore of Nashville, was in Lexington for an engagement party when the dog went missing, and she has been counting the days since then.

"I want her back more than anything in the world," Gilmore said via email.

She said Lucy, a 3-year-old poodle-terrier mix, is particularly special because she is a service dog for anxiety. Lucy accompanies Gilmore wherever she goes.

A Facebook page, Find Lucy, has more than 1,700 followers, and there is no shortage of ideas among them on how to find the wayward canine.

One woman offered to put a crate in her yard with food and the some of Gilmore's clothing inside, thinking that might lure Lucy in.

Others suggested that Lucy might be traveling underground, in the storm drains. Maybe, someone said, they could put sand at each end to check for doggie footprints.

In addition to canvassing the neighborhoods surrounding Floral Park, some people have had business cards made up and distributed them.

Traps have been set up, and a hound was brought in to try to sniff Lucy out.

Cindy Wilson, of Lexington, who got involved in the effort after seeing Gilmore's Facebook postings, said she has been carrying hot dogs in her car, in case she sees Lucy.

"Everybody's just pulling together for this," she said. "It's an army of people."

A $3,000 reward has been offered for the dog, who was wearing a red-and-green Christmas collar. The tag on the collar had the name Henry and a South Carolina phone number on it.

There have been multiple sightings reported in the days since Lucy went missing.

Gilmore said most are in the area around Bob-O-Link Drive, Mockingbird Lane and Hummingbird Lane, and in the area around the Arboretum near Shady Lane and McDonald Avenue.

Gilmore said she suspects that Lucy has been taken in by someone with plans to keep her. Gilmore is determined to keep looking.

Gilmore has been "going back and forth like a crazy person" between her job in Nashville and Lexington, where she searches for Lucy.

"I'm companionless," she said sadly.