Fayette County

Lexington council approves 10-year franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable


The Urban County Council approved a series of resolutions Tuesday enacting a 10-year franchise agreement between Lexington and Time Warner Cable.

The city announced in November that it had come to an agreement with Time Warner Cable after months of tense negotiations with the cable provider. The resolutions passed by the council Tuesday include the 10-year cable agreement and approval of Time Warner Cable's purchase by Comcast, which has not yet received the green light from federal officials.

The agreement includes longer business hours on weekdays and weekends at the company's Palumbo Drive office, a new provision that allows people to mail equipment such as modems to the cable operator, and stiffer fines if the cable company violates key consumer protections.

Under the previous agreement, Time Warner Cable faced a penalty of $100 a day for non-compliance. Under the new agreement, it could be penalized $500 a day. The city also will have a cable compliance officer who will monitor the new customer service protections, city officials said.

Comcast is seeking federal approval to buy Time Warner Cable and plans to spin off some of Time Warner Cable's systems, including Lexington's, to Charter Communications. If Charter Communications becomes Lexington's cable provider as planned, Charter has agreed to increase Internet speeds and provide a low-cost Internet option.

Time Warner Cable became Lexington's cable provider in 2012 after it purchased Insight, Lexington's previous provider.

The council's vote was unanimous.