Franklin County

From March 3: Missing girl, father spotted in Alabama

The search for a little girl at the center of an Amber Alert continued Monday, and authorities think she and her father might be in Alabama.

Breanna Woodside, 2, was last seen Friday morning when she was picked up by her father, Miles Woodside, at the Frankfort Police Department. She was supposed to be returned at 4 p.m. Friday.

On Monday afternoon, the Alabama Department of Public Safety issued a statewide Amber Alert, said Fort Payne (Ala.) Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree.

He said Woodside was spotted Friday at a McDonald's in Fort Payne, where he met a former classmate. Breanna was seen with him on surveillance tapes and appeared fine, he said.

The former classmate told police he gave Woodside about $40 and Friday evening Woodside was seen checking into an Econo-Lodge in Fort Payne, Ogletree said.

As of Monday afternoon, there were several reported sightings in Fort Payne or in Huntsville, but no reports of the child, Ogletree said.

Police said Woodside is armed and potentially suicidal.

He was last seen driving a silver 1997 Lincoln Town Car with the Kentucky license plate 064-BAA.

Ogletree said the car, as well as the .38 special and ammunition with which Woodside could be armed, were stolen from his grandfather.

Breanna, who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, was last seen wearing purple sweatpants with a purple and pink striped shirt, a black jacket with pink lining and blue shoes. Anyone with information should call 911 or the Frankfort Police Department at (502) 875-8582.