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Newborn fawns born this summer at Salato Wildlife Center

Twin fawns born at Salato Wildlife Center

Twin fawns were born on Tuesday at Salato Wildlife Education Center in Frankfort.
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Twin fawns were born on Tuesday at Salato Wildlife Education Center in Frankfort.

The Salato Wildife Education Center in Frankfort has had five white-tailed deer fawns born this summer, two sets of twins and one singleton.

Geoff Roberts, conservation educator, said twins are pretty common among deer, and the center, which is operated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, usually has at least one set born each season.

Typically, fawns are born in May and June and are weaned at about 10 weeks old. Twins born at the center last week are “probably some of the latest” Salato has had, Roberts said.

In the wild, Roberts said mother deer keep their babies hidden in tall grass in the shade during their first week or two of life, checking on them only once or twice a day to keep from attracting predators.

He said well-meaning people who come upon a tiny fawn that has been left alone often assume it has been abandoned and take it to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

“At that point, they have sealed that fawn’s fate,” and the animal will have to spend the rest of its life in captivity, he said.

Roberts said the best thing to do if you find a baby deer, or any young animal, is to “leave it alone and let wildlife be as wild as possible.”


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