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Have you seen Omlet? Kentucky family's pet peacock has gone missing.

Leslie Puckett Combs of Nicholasville can't find her pet peacock, Omlet, He's been missing since the morning of May 26. Photo courtesy of Leslie Puckett Combs
Leslie Puckett Combs of Nicholasville can't find her pet peacock, Omlet, He's been missing since the morning of May 26. Photo courtesy of Leslie Puckett Combs

An unusual animal may be roaming the streets and neighborhoods of Nicholasville. Leslie Puckett Combs and her family are searching for their missing pet peacock, Omlet.

On Thursday, the family said they would be willing to pay a reward for help catching Omlet.

“It’s been very tough because he's just like a dog or a cat or anything and you don't want anything bad to happen to him,” Puckett Combs said in a phone interview.

Puckett Combs said she and her family first noticed that Omlet was missing on Saturday around 6:30 a.m. when he wasn’t on the roof of her house, where he sleeps.

Puckett Combs’ said her husband last saw Omlet on Tuesday morning, and that someone messaged her on Facebook this morning telling her that she heard Omlet make two distinct noises that sounded like “help” at approximately 5:30 a.m. Puckett Combs said that peacocks are loud and can make distinct noises that sound like several different words.

Most recently, Puckett Combs’ husband received a tip on Wednesday afternoon that Omlet may be in an abandoned house that is being renovated. The location of the house was unknown to Puckett Combs, but she said it was in Nicholasville.

Omlet was still missing as of publication time, Puckett Combs said.

“He’s out in the city where there’s traffic which is scary because we live on a dead end road and people know to watch out for him,” Puckett Combs said. “He’s got the run of the road out here.”

Puckett Combs also said multiple people have reached out to her and her family thinking that Omlet's disappearance was a prank.

“People have told us they thought it was a prank or a joke because we put signs up that say lost peacocks and they think it's someone pulling their leg,” she said.

“I guess there’s not too many lost peacocks in the country,” she finished with a laugh.

Puckett Combs first posted to her Facebook page on Tuesday at 8:03 a.m. asking friends and family to keep an eye out for Omlet.

Omlet has allegedly been spotted at several locations, including in a farmer’s market parking lot off Main Street, according to Puckett Combs.

“People have been phenomenal,” she said.

Puckett Combs said that the owner of a car wash and the owner of a pawn shop near the farmer’s market have been calling the family telling them that they are watching for Omlet.

The pawn shop owner has a net, cage and tarp trying to catch the exotic bird, she said.

Five years ago, Puckett Combs and her family got Omlet from a neighbor who originally had two female peacocks. Both escaped before one came back and laid three eggs. Only one of the eggs hatched, and he was soon named Omlet and brought back to Puckett Combs’ house where he stays on the roof and outside the back door.

“He’ll peck on the door with his beak because he wants food,” Puckett Combs said. “If he doesn't like what you give him he’ll peck again.”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.