Jessamine County

Jessamine man, 68, rescued from river

HIGH BRIDGE — A 68-year-old Jessamine County man whose boat was adrift and without gas on the high water of the Kentucky River was retrieved safely Wednesday by a rescue team.

Authorities were concerned that with no power, Bob Bryant's boat might slip over Lock and Dam No. 7 near High Bridge, where the swift, churning water is hazardous.

Fortunately, Bryant, who lives in Camp Nelson, never got close to the dam.

"I've lived on this river 40-some years," Bryant said. "I ought to have known better."

Bryant became adrift while trying to free a bass boat wedged between two trees. He stepped into the bass boat from another boat, but when he'd freed the bass boat he realized it had no gas.

"I just rode it down through there, trying to paddle to the bank where I could tie it off," Bryant said. Meanwhile, a friend reported a boater in distress about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Bryant eventually was able to get to shore where Jessamine Creek empties into the Kentucky River. "I was going to walk out," he said.

He'd seen three members of a Jessamine County Fire and Rescue team going upriver in an inflatable boat looking for him.

Some minutes later, his wife, Marie, called Bryant on his cell phone. "She said, 'Something is going on around Camp Nelson.' I said, 'They might be hunting for me, I don't know. Call 'em and find out, and if they are, tell 'em I'm down here next to the Palisades.'"