Jessamine County

Nicholasville standoff ends after six hours

A six-hour standoff near a Nicholasville school ended peacefully Wednesday.

Jessamine County sheriff's deputies arrived at 103 South Third Street about 10:30 a.m. to serve a search warrant. Chief Deputy Allen Peel said the officers were there to question Joseph Wilson, 41, about recent burglaries on Scott Lane and Bethel Road.

Peel said a vehicle parked outside the home on Third Street matched a description of a vehicle seen on Scott Lane on Tuesday.

But Wilson was not interested in talking and refused to leave the house.

"All we wanted to do was some questioning, and he barricaded himself inside the house," Peel said. "We didn't know if he had weapons inside the house, so we called out the special response team. He just wouldn't come down."

Peel said Wilson's girlfriend and child were in the house, but they exited soon after police arrived.

After several hours of talking to Wilson on the phone, Peel said, police entered the house and found Wilson unarmed.

The residence is near Nicholasville Elementary School. Peel said police worked with Jessamine County Public Schools to arrange for the buses to pick up children from what they deemed a safe location, "well away from the incident."

Wilson was then taken in for questioning, and Peel said he was still being held at 5 p.m., to allow them to continue the investigation.