Jessamine County

Central Kentucky For The Record

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at


Central Baptist Hospital

Dec. 21: Miranda Poore, Albany, girl.

Dec. 28: Frankie Jr. and Tracy Blevins, Berea, girl.

Ryan and Kimberly Hill, Lexington, boy.

Roel Ramirez and Valerie Sturgill, Mount Vernon, girl.

Dec. 29: Ross Anderson and Alisha Lawson, Jeffersonville, boy.

James III and Laurel Cassidy, Lexington, boy.

Jeremy and Shelby Griffin, Lexington, girl.

John and Amanda Huddleston, Lexington, boy.

Matt Meacham and Samantha Haddix, Georgetown, boy.

Anton Newby and Ashley Fitzpatrick, Lexington, boy.

David and Taryn Pitman, Richmond, boy.

Russell and Lisa Railey, Nicholasville, girl.

Timothy and Ashley Sanderlyn, Lexington, girl.

Dennis and Heather Slade, Nicholasville, girl.

William and Sarah Woodrum, Winchester, girl.

Dec. 30: William II and Sarah Daniel, Richmond, girl.

Chad and Meagan Lawson, Winchester, boy.

Jesse and Laura Pass, Versailles, girl.

Timothy Poe and Brittany Livingston, Paris, boy.

Bryan and Jamie Scott, Lexington, boy.

Charles and Rhonda Whitaker, Jackson, girl.

Bradley and Melinda Wingfield, Willisburg, boy.

Dec. 31: Timothy and Karen Miller, Jackson, boy.

Stephen and Elizabeth Osbourne, Lexington, girl.

Troy Smith and Lacy Duncan, Georgetown, twin girls.

Jan. 1: Michael Dunn and Kieirra Wilson, Lexington, girl.

Eluterio Hernandez and Angeles Solorio, Lexington, girl.

Nicholas and Mindy Linville, Carlisle, girl.

Robert and Ashley Nahrwold, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 2: John and Dana Clem, Nicholasville, boy.

Shawn Ransom and Renee Vice, Carlisle, girl.

Jacob and Nicole Riordan, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 3: Michael and Laura Bacelieri, Lexington, girl.

Gary and Jessica Curtis, Jackson, girl.

Harold Jr. and Tonya Helton, Somerset, boy.

Michael Himes and Lauren Howard, Berea, boy.

Daniel and Jennifer King, Wilmore, boy.

Ricky Pullum and Frances Cartier, Nicholasville, girl.

Bradley and Lauren Rister, Lexington, girl.


Eunice Horn and Brent Edward Robinson.

Yanhuan Xu and Duu Shyue Renn.

Julie Michelle Forrest and Thomas Brandon Parker.

Leah Catherine Dick and Onur Camur.

Shandrika Lynn Pearson and Joshua Ian Scott.

Linda Alice Mosby and Briddie Johnson Jr.

Susan Rachelle Elkins and Daniel Lee Eldridge.

Sharon Lea Boggess and Randy Lynn Gray.

Amy Sue Brookshire and Jesse Shane Lambert.

Mary Leah R. Atkinson and Edwin Clay Brand.

Whitney Dione Fooks and Vijay Saki Arulprakasam.

Raelene Adriana Baker and Joshua Martin Kelly.

Jean Elizabeth Dumphord and Allen Dale Christopher.

Jessica Logan Crocker and Meng Zhang.

Megan McCrae Short and Philip John Bowens.

Amy Elizabeth Rubeling and Matthew Troy Kaper.

Arsenia Mata and Luis Guillermo Lopez.

Emily Soo Kim and Joseph Dale Rounsaville.

Rachel Marie Terbot and Justin David Mueller.

Dawn Michele Bland and Andrew John Lenzini.

Robyn Renae Barrett and James Craig Richardson.

Ashley Elizabeth Bohanon and Kristopher Adam Braun.

Stacey Erin Collins and Daniel Patrick Franck.

Katherine McDowell Gabbert and Derrek Lawrence Oechsli.

Katherine Ellen Stapp and Benjamin David Ishmael.

Tahana Shawnte Young and Marco Antonio Ramirez Negrete.

Angela Denise Campbell and Arthur Louis Johnson.

Kendall Hunt Elledge and Matthew Elliott Anderson.

Margaret Lorraine Liles and Gregory Blaise Adams.

Kayla Ann Robinette and Mitchell Ryan Sesco.

Adriana Botello Espinoza and Josue Flores Cortes.

Sharon Lynn Mitchell and Gerald Allen Glosson.

Betty Jean Freeman and Johnny Dee Freeman.

Latreece Dinae Cruse and Michael Antonio Roldan.

Michaela Michelle Woolums and Simon Ocampo Neri.

Amanda June White and Roburt Jamaal Pittman.

Francisca Jordan Tarango and Aaron Morales Salazar.

Dallyce Katherine Erickson and Matthew Lockwood Partymiller.

Brittany Ann Dawson and William Thomas Shipman.

Samantha Lee Reynolds and Michael Floyd Hack.

Stephanie Lauryn Burchett and William Lee Blancet Jr.

Mary Elisabeth Lundquist and Lucas Martin Thomas.

Angela Rose Gonzales and James Hamilton Wellham.

Whitney Taylor Greer Stokes and William Gregory Sisson.

Jacqueline Denise Quinn and Wayman Hightower Jr.

Maria Elena Hernandez Viera and Salvador Duran Chavarria.

Lindsey Ann Brewer and James Anthony Freeman.

Molly Ann Bruno and Eric Gibson Rice.

Alexandria Dominique Larue Moss and Barry James Kimball.

Elizabeth Marie Moughler and Justin Scott Peterson.

Kelly Sue Gray and William Matthew Hart Jr.

Paige Papka Richardson and Travis Scott Walker.

Michele Ann Walker and Timothy Scott Amos.

Dawn Dettweiler Whalen and Joseph David Vanfleet.

Jessica Don Smith and Casey Duane Bacon.

Morgan Rebekah Suttles and Kurtis Jon Oetken.

Stephanie Annette Davie and Keith Gregory Richie.

Katherine Elizabeth Wall and Peter Sheehan.

Eliza Catherine Stotts and Nicholas Stephen Bodkin.

Nicole Kristin McClure and Scott Richard Cox.

Michelle Lynn Ludwig and James Randolph Hodge.

Amber Dawn Boozer and Brian Keith Rose.

Melissa Jean Davidson and Oscar Sonny Begley.

Megan Marie Garabrandt and Billy Joe Stone III.

Janis Kay Owens and William Abbott Little.

Ashley Elizabeth Barnes and Gregory Edward Randolph.

Sable Leigh Floyd and Kyle J. Snyder.

Emmalee Grace Walker and Jason Daniel Calia.

Candice Renea Kidd and Matthew Dale Gray.

Elizabeth Suzanne Pike and Craig Alan Chasen.

Keiko Hashimoto and Ryan Robley Ketcham.

Melinda Marie Nieto and Julian Basurto.

April Marie Thurmond and Conor Helms Larkin.

Laura Marsh Bell and David Ireland Beckett.

Brittany Shea Hamilton and Bradley Scott Ison Doolin.

Leah Rachel Seaton and Shea Andrew Moore.

Whittney Sierra Johnson and Maurice Clay Garrard Jr.

Eugenia Chevon Griffith Davis and Alejandro Ramirez Sena.

Anetta Denise Washington and Virgil Owens III.

Leydi Lidia Leon Cruz and Rogelio Baldo Garcia.

Megan Vanessa Webb and Logan Shane Bowling.

Connie Lee Bryant and Lorenzo Soto Garcia.


Bank of America vs. Barry W. Bowman, Sr. et al.for $16,297, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

C&R Holding of Eastern Kentucky vs. Hightwall Mining Co. of Virginia for $66,235, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Carmel Financial vs. Alejandro Ruiz for $4,711, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Chase Bank vs. Michael Eads for $13,683, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Chase Home Finance vs. Beth Beebout et al. for $68,754, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Citibank vs. Sendil Nathan for $14,332, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Members Heritage Federal Credit Union vs. Michael Diaz for $6,921, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Midland Funding vs. Julia Taylor for $5,110, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Nagasaki Restaurant vs. Gardco Improvements, etc., for an undetermined amount, claimed due on a contract.

PNC Bank vs. Freddy Peralta for $134,855, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Tami Bray vs. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp. et. al for an undetermined amount, claimed due for alleged injury.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Angie Hill et al. for $79,927, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Wells Fargo Financial vs. William Dearborn et al for $100,543, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Capital One Bank vs. the following, claimed due on a contract.

■ Yasaswi Rachakonda for $4,143, etc.

■ Rex Sharpe for for $5,487, etc.

CitiMortgage vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages.

■ Michael Jiunta et al. for $296,073, etc.

■ Greg Anderson for $96,992, etc.

■ Mark Nichols et al. for $110,246, etc.

Discover Bank vs. the following, claimed due on contracts.

■ Mark Kearney for $5,003, etc.

■ Sara Jane Newbury for $4,564, etc.

FIA Card Services vs. the following, claimed due on contracts.

■ Charles Gumm for $14,003, etc.

■ Edward Commons for $13,550, etc.

■ Victor Giordano for $5,342, etc.

■ David Myatt for $6,879, etc.


marriage licenses

Lindsey Danielle Hall and Bobby Dennis Overbay.

Charity Cimone Perez and Salvador Meza.

Amanda Roseann Fayne and Clifton Shane Guy.

Kelli Lynn Hearn-Hines and Scott Alan Collinsworth.

Kendra Leigh Christensen and Adam James Stich.

Nicole Lynn Carter and William Bello-Sosa.

Christina Jo Allex and William Joseph Boger.

Jennifer Michelle Stevens and Thomas Eugene Littrell III.

Meagan Brooke Wiggins and Ethan Bradley Jones.

Kathy Darlene Pike and Danny Todd Keys.

Ashlee Patricia Cutrer and Gary Charles Lay .

Jennifer Oney Holeman and Charles Warren Lanphierd.

Trista Janee Coburn and Nathan Rondell Myrick.

Kala Dannielle Edwards and Ryan Michael Leugers.

Tembre Janell Watkins and Michael Tom Holland.

Kelley Mae Castillo and Brian Curtis Wright.

Bobbie Mae Penland and Robert Donald Ridgway Jr.

Heaven Leigh Fox and Kenneth Ray Price.

Heather Michelle Rust and Chad Alan Neighbors.

Janey Louise Bryant and Dexter Alexander Padgett.

Deborah Lee McMurray and Jeffrey Alan Scott.

Sara Elizabeth Graham and David Townsend Nance.

Sondra Kay Richards and David Wayne Hartzell.

Kelsie Lynn Scott and Masen Anthony Evans.

Janice Devine Amon and Glenn Edward Hill.

Candace Morgan Littrell and Quentin Cornileus Turner.

Mary Elaine Young and Osborne Staton.

Rebecca Mae Etheredge and Jacob Thomas Warren.

Chelsea Nicole King and John Phillip Byrd.

Sheila Jo Taylor and Mose Roberts.

Ruth Ann Fenwick and Travis Hunter Corman.

Monette Vanover Keathley and Terry Foster Belcher.

Stacey Lynn Mullins and Jeffrey Hunt Cassidy.

Melissa May Conley and Kevin Wayne Tyson.

Kimberly Ann Burgin and Domingo Ismael Martinez.

Mary Helen Carter and Jacob Ross Eddy.

Christy Hope Wilcher and Robert Allen Cilinceon.

Alma Rosa Guerrero and Juan Carlos Meza.

Stormy Dawn McLean and Juan Antonio Carmona Mendez.

Neena Denise Hamilton and Wade Randall Gaynor.

Jana Lynn Brinson and Thrashley Blair Hartgrove.

Tiffany Denise Anderson and Greg Marshon Gregory.

Amber Lynn Gosnell and Anthony Dean Parker.

Ashley Kay Barnett and Mario Cortez.

Kelly Elizabeth Thornburg and Garrett Lanham Isaacs.

Sally Lynn Gaeth and Alan Bruce Reif-Snyder.

Lauren Brooke Wallace and Ely Drischler Cartwright.

Meagan Elaine Loman and Randall Jacob Clark.

Earlene Niaz and Ismael Angeles Badillo.

Jessica Nicole Taylor and Robert Steven Sheeley.

Cara Marie Brown and Henry Stephen Crawford.

Clara Dean Bratton and Glenn Eugene Green.


Richard Darwin Taylor and Piya Taylor.

Lydia Ann Wooldridge and Antoine Ramone Wooldridge.

Tina West and Timothy West.

Addie L. Perrin Mulvey and Thomas M. Mulvey.

Amanda Gayle Abney and Charles Dale Abney.

Darrell Wayne Bivens and Cheryl Lynn Bivens.

Bonnie J. Hager and Wayne Edward Hager.

Holly Carter and Bryan M. Carter.

Ryan Keith Johnson and Jennifer Katherine Johnson.

James Marshall Hooten and Laken Marie Hooten.

Mary Elizabeth Page and James Junior Page.

Michael Shannon Totten and Tiffany Dawn Totten.

John Cody Birdwell and Cindy Stewart Birdwell.

Tracy Lynn Wilson and Billie Wilson.

Ernest Wayne Baker and Felisha D. Baker.

Charlotte Marie Hurley and Jody Hurley.

Thrashley Blair Hartgrove and Carol Blackford Hartgrove.

Martha Wells Keys and Jed Whitley Keys.

Bessie J. Sawyers and Doyle W. Sawyers.

Melvin Richard Moore and Rhonda Lynn Moore.

Autumn Lee Horn and Gregory Lewis Horn.

Holly Jo Walters and Mark Leander Walters.

Tracy Ann Webb-Noble and Eddie Duane Noble.

Stephen T. Barber and Jeania L. Barber.

Laura Michelle Bilderback and George Martin Bilderback II.

Kelly L. Crank and Tracy M. Crank.

Delaine Ava Preston and George Ray Preston.

Larissa Ann Sarber and Jonathan Lee Sarber.

Dawn Renee Varney and Shane Mathew Varney.

Jennifer Ann Lawson and Julian Lee Lawson.

Lisa Teater Moffett and Clyde E. Moffett.

Kelli D. Graham and Lloyd Neal Graham.

Billie June Jones and Jesse Brandon Jones.

Jose Alfonso Perez and Elva Elana Rodriguez.

Rebecca Ann Hatfield and Charles Douglas Hatfield.

Kimberly Lynn Williams and Jeral Don Williams.

Mary Ann Becknell and David Allen Becknell.



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center, Richmond

Dec. 22: Paul Poynter and Hannah McFarland, Berea, boy.

Dec. 23: Kenneth Silcox and Jessica Rice, Booneville, girl.

Dec. 27: Robert and Katrina Morris, McKee, girl.

Dec. 29: Shonna Reed, Irvine, girl.

Dec. 30: Jerrod Abney and Lindsey Barnett, Berea, boy.

David and Andrea Mackey, Irvine, boy.

Chad and Ronica Shannon, Berea, girl.

Brandon Sizemore and Kellie Combs, Berea, boy.

Ronald and Virginia Toppings, Richmond, girl.

Dec. 31: LaFess Chenault and Desiree Jackson, Richmond, girl.

Jan. 3: Amy Cromer, Brodhead, boy.

Sam Isaacs and Claudetta Alexander, Jackson, boy.

Marriage licenses

Whitney D. Hardy and Bradley R. Tudor.

Melanie K. Billings and William J. Johnson.

Chrystal M. McKinney and Justin L. Slone.

Veronica A. Crabtree and Jonathan K. Witt.

Megan E. Pettit and Jeremiah R. Case.

Teresa J. Culton and Joe D. King.

Shelley D. Reynolds and Bradley R. Johnson.

Kayci D. Townsend and Joshua L. Bustle.

Barbara S. McIntosh and Mark A. Wren.

Jenna L. Morehart and Justin L. Shanks.

Alyssa A. Marcischak and Shaun D. Frakes.

Amy D. Good and Mark C. Petrey.

Emily D. Powell and Kaylen Blane Holden.

Susan V. Clark and Harold S. Maupin.

Laura E. Tucker and Daran K. Damm.

Courtney L. Vanwinkle and Andrew J. Dunn.

Christina L. Epperly and Manuel B. Gill.

Sandra L. Wallace and Jerry W. Hubbard.

Mary M. Hyatt and Ronnie Younger Jr.

Amanda K. Fowler and Anthony D. Farthing.

Melissa H. Yocum and Charles M. Herald.

Shannon N. Castorina and Robert E. Shuler.

Keturah Wojtanowski and Charles A. O'Brien.

Toni M. Smith and Randall K. Puckett.

Jessica N. Anglin and Christopher L. Rawlins.

Tesica D. Baker and Eian R. Soller.

Charlotte A. Smith and Thomas R. Smith.

Virginia M. Combs and John S. McPhearson Jr.

Barbara A. Traynor and Albert N. Smith.

Roxanna B. Smith and Al Dwayne Covey.

Tiffany L. Thompson and Kevin C. Carter.

Mara A. Miller and Demian G. Gover.

Michelle A. Miller and Christopher M. Blankenship.

Deborah S. Elliott and Joseph E. Combs.

Monica E. Vallejo and Ruben L. Salinas.

Kelly J. McHone and Nicholas L. Harrison.

Samantha A. McClain and George H. Carter III.

Amanda L. Bowen and Bradley W. Ray.

Rowyn A. Hosler and Dylan C. James.

Lisa R. Rose and Johnnie D. Burdine.

Misty Renae Rogers and Joshua Ryan Green.

Cheryl W. Coffey and Glenn R. Baker.

Ashley A. Adams and Dustin D. Sweet.

Christina N. Moody and Glen W. Moore.

Melissa S. Richards and Benny J. Coyt.

Nipaben D. Patel and Snehalbhai J. Patel.

Kristen R. Simpson and Brandon S. Anderson.

Lorlei Duncan and Gordon R. Tate.

Mesha K. Hall and Farris G. Callahan Jr.

Joyce W. Henson and Curtis S. Lewis.

Syrie M. Sturm and Marty L. Jones.

Jessica A. Pojeky and Richard J. Pojeky.

Kimberly A. Wilkins and Herman K. Evans.

Chelsea K. Ruble and Joshua Roy Williams.

Donna L. Gilbert and Douglas W. Henson.

Cheryl D. Goodwin and Philip Lakes.

Nashawnda P. Rice and Abdul M. Sillah Jr.

Suzanne W. Hawley and Alan Jones.

Amanda M. McQueen and Brian Williams.

Sarah A. Maggard and Alvin W. Foster Jr.

Kenya L. Agee and Robert J. Pearson.

Naomi Wolfinbarger and Michael A. Wilson.

Maartje Rozema and Larry W. Acton Jr.

Amber N. Gray and Roy C. Sparks.

Kassondra G. Harrison and Jason Raymond Dozier.

Misty M. Jackson and William C. Saylor.

Erin M. Nierzwicki and Steven M. Rowe.

Melissa R. McClintock and Wayne D. Hasty.

Connie D. Johnson and Larry E. Ishmael.

Tonya L. Allison and Michael D. Evans.

Casey L. Boggs and Zachary W. Durham.

Emily S. Stone and Gary M. Spires.

Jessie K. Boardman and Joshua P. Rayburn.

Brandy N. Burton and Justin L. King.

Sheila M. Patrick and Timothy J. Brock.

Barbara J. Hensley and Rondal R. Alexander.

Sunita Jorsingh and Christopher J. Lawson Jr.

Erin K. Eliassen and Kent S. Lewis.

June E. Seals and Roger D. Seals.

Stephanie L. Woomer and Joshua A. Blackburn.

Anita F. Mesalam and Bobby D. Whittaker.

Virginia L. Honican and Rodney W. Walker.

Mary E. Huber and Jonathan D. Wheatley.

Erin Kristyn Robinson and William Edward Schneider.

Samantha Nina Smith and Nicholas A. Peters.

Emily R. Estes and Eric Queshun Norris.

Dara L. Bate and Julio C. Lara.

Brittany M. Pingleton and Phillip S. Combs.

Christany M. Frazier and James D. Adams.

Patricia D. Allen and Richard D. Deaton.

Dede L. Burnett and Thomas W. Lemons.

Kara Lee Bierbaum and Matthew Kyle Wehby.

Alisha D. Trickler and David G. Chase III.

Rebecca L. Smith and Charlie H. Isaacs.

Chandra N. Wheaton and Michael S. Theetge.


Darryl G. Brewer and Judy Brewer.

Dana Cox and Max A. Cox.

Tammy Larkin and Charles Jones Jr.

Amy Reece Robertson and William Eric Robertson.

Ashley Hope Lawson and Eric Wayne Dargavell.

Susan Kessinger and Frank K. Kessinger.

Michael Ray Brooks and Donna Sue Brooks.

Tony Meadows and Martina Meadows.

Ladonna Harold Graves and Kenneth Graves.

Rachel Lou Spivey and Albert Randall Spivey II.

Dennis Mullins and Debbie Sue Mullins.

John D. Reed and Tracy Ann Reed.

Amy D. Rogers and Mark A. Rogers.

Steven Patrick Shear and Miki Renee Lynch.

Donna Jean Lambert and James David Lambert.

Carolyn Martin and Timothy Martin.

James Douglas Noble and Maria Ann Miller.

Jason Lee McClure and Malinda Chowning McClure.

Bradley Lee Southworth and Tashana Dalene Southworth.

Lora Michelle King and Jason Scott King.

Tomas Rick Boneta and Edna Carol Boneta.

Patricia Ann Adkins and Michael Shawn Adkins.

Heather Hellard and Brandon Hellard.

Diana Lynn Burns and Hershel Burns.

Whitney Elaine Hunt and Cody Lee Hunt.

Soren Peterson and Marcela Peterson.

Teresa Darlene Hoover and Anthony Thomas Hoover.

Neola Sue Harrison and David Lee Harrison.

Ashley Nicole Mills and Joshua David Hall.

Misty Jackson and Nicholas Lee Jackson.

Christine McGuire and Douglas McGuire.

Hubert Clay Broaddus and Anita Curry Broaddus.

Brian Grant and Marilyn Grant.

Susan Spillman-Dunigan and James Thomas Dunigan.

James E. Mitchell and Joyce Ann Hocker Mitchell.

Tonya Martina Coleman and Daniel Keith Coleman.

Jacqueline Woycke and Edward Woycke.

Douglas Henson and Janina Henson.

Kathy Hahn and Andrew R. Hahn.

Rebecca Jolene DeMoss and Jon Paul DeMoss.

Gabriel S. Stallsworth and Ashley L. Stallsworth.

Phillip S. Hall and Mesha K. Hall.

Barbara Ann Grimes and Roy Edward Grimes.

Leslie Foster and Terese Foster.

My M. Jourdini and Asha Elmagbari.

David Gene Sebastian and April Robin Durbin Sebastian.

Carol Ann Roaden McConnell and Robert Isaac McConnell.

Edward Faulkner and Evelyn Faulkner.

Jennifer Johnson and Jeremiah Johnson.

Matthew Wilson and Amy Wilson.

Richard Robinson and Janet Keith.

Sherry Hilpp and Jason Hilpp.

Jessica Dawn Parker and James Edward Parker.

Cassie Lynn Gallagher and Douglas Scott Gallagher.

Angela H. Sanders and John A. Sanders.

Tommy Lay and Kimberly Mae Lay.

Dwight Allen Mitchell and Della Vanderpool Mitchell.

Malcolm O. Bishop and Nellie M. Bishop.

Ellen C. Carr and Richard L. Carr.

Gary Michael Coyle and Nicole Combs Coyle.

Amy Marie Tate and Joey Jack Tate.

Veronica Harrison and Charles A. Harrison.

Marie N. Lowery and Christopher Lowery.

Denise Carol Deaton and Johnnie Lee Deaton.

Emily S. Knuckles and Kevin J. Knuckles.

Michael Renner and Robin Renner.

Keith McDermott and Andrea McDermott.

Gerald Thomas Jr. and Chelsie Thomas.

Billy J. Gatliff and Lisa A. Gatliff.

Dora Grigsby and Russell Wayne Grigsby.

Isaac William Harrison and Beth Ann Harrison.

Frances Ann Alcorn and Jerry Shannon Alcorn.

Tiffany N. McCoy and Joseph A. McCoy.

Kellie Coffey and Davis Coffey.

Jennifer Lynn Patton and Darold Patton.

Heather Kelley and Jeff Scott Kelley.

Michael Edward Blanton and Sherri Lynn Blanton.

Robert M. Trott and Carolyn M. Trott.

Jesse Otterson and Carrie A. Otterson.

Melissa Gail Pope and Harold Joseph Pope.

Bruce D. Lainhart II and Katherine Spillman .

Richard Deaton and Teresa L. Deaton.

Mona Lisa Coyle Ingram and Danny D. Ingram.

Lisa Ann Curtis and Meredith Urban Curtis.

Amanda Clemmons Gullett and Jerry Michael Gullett.

Chandra Noel Neal and James Claud Neal.

Rodney Ray Cain and Tracey Heslin Cain.

Lisa Marie Roberts and Robert Lee Roberts.

Malicha Harrison and Michael Harrison.

Alexia S. Moore and Michael Dewayne Stone Jr.


marriage licenses

Cheryl Lynne Thompson and Edwin Lee Thompson Sr.

LaShelle Renee Morton and Carl Anthony Lee.

Kathleen Adams and Myron Eugene Sweat.

Jill Allison Muddiman and LeMeco Schrick Richardson.

Lisa Renee Davis and Johnny Lynn Mills.

Tiffany Lee Medina and Daniel Alberto Gonzalez.

Tina Danielle Carroll and Jason Robert Byrge.

Lydia Ruth McKinney and Ryan Jamell Sandifer.

Heather Lucas Stone and Vincent Espinosa.

Maria E. Bonifant and Christopher Willis Amburgey.

Neesia Marie Turner and Richard Donald Gallimore.

Kristen Elizabeth DeLuca and Justin Mathew Sealand.

Diane Christine Owen and Darrell Robert Trout Jr.

Alicia Renee Toney and Allen Lewis Vogel.

Yuri Takada and Bryan Jay Orme.

Margaret May Sizemore and James Clinton Gilbert.


Daphne Sue Whittaker and Jesse Lee Whittaker.

Michelle Johnson and Leon Johnson III.

Teresa Anne Burkhart and David Edwin Burkhart.

Karen Marie Keck and James Oldham Keck.

Sharon Pearson and John T. Pearson.

Martha Lynn Clark and Donald Paul Clark.

Joshua William Bobbitt and Brittany Nicole Bobbitt.

Jerry P. Boggess and Wendy D. Boggess.

Steven G. Walling and Angelia Kaye Walling.

Melissa Ann Parsons and Kenneth James Parsons.

Sheila Renea Short and Phillip Ray Sexton.

Charlene Josephine Arredondo and Jaime Arrendondo.

Larkspur S. Carroll and Dustin Andrew Dove.

Michelle Karen Vogel and Robert Henry Vogel Jr.

Jennifer Deaton Cole and Owen Ray Cole.

Ronald Davis and Teresa Davis.

Joanna Kenny Mitchell and Timothy Allen Mitchell.

Mandi Ledbetter and Timothy Eugene Ledbetter.

Jimille Jordan Doyle and Peter Walter Doyle Jr.

Michelle Renee Stewart and Donald Howard Stewart II.

Nichole R. Hayes and Jason L. Hayes.