Jessamine County

Lex-Care needs your help

Two requests for assistance to pay rent were received at Lex-Care last week.

Shannon Gordon, a social worker at the Senior Citizen Center, submitted the first request on behalf of a married man with severe diabetes who needs $650 to pay rent. As the result of a stroke, he is unable to work. The husband receives Social Security benefits and the wife has found employment to help with living expenses. Once the past-due rent is paid they will be able to manage.

Married couple needs help until husband can work

Amy Wills, a social worker at Central Baptist Home Health, is working with a married couple that needs $350 to pay their rent.

The husband has been disabled for several years and draws Social Security disability benefits. Until recently, he supplemented those benefits with income from a part-time job. As a result of diabetes he now has blurred vision, which makes him unable to drive. His doctor has prescribed new medications that cost $350 a month. Assistance has been obtained to help reduce that expense. Income at this time is from his benefits and his wife's earnings. If the course of treatment is successful, he hopes to return to work.

You can help: Send tax- deductible contributions to Lex-Care Inc. Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 1328, Lexington, Ky. 40508. Contact Lex-Care at (859) 227-2765 or