Jessamine County

Jessamine authorities offer reward for info on suspicious fires

Authorities in Jessamine County are offering a reward of as much as $1,000 for information about four recent suspicious fires in the same area.

Officer Kevin Grimes of the Nicholasville Police Department said investigators think the blazes could be related.

Grimes said the list includes a fire that destroyed a barn early Sunday morning on Stellar Street. Flames rapidly spread to three nearby houses that backed up to the barn. Two of the houses were extensively damaged.

Crews were working that fire when a call came in about a large cargo van that was on fire at the nearby Stratton Lumber Co. That fire was extinguished before it could spread. Those fires followed two others Dec. 17 on Stephens Drive, one involving a garage, the other involving a car.

Police said anyone with information should call 1-800-272-7766.