Jessamine County

Human torso found in Jessamine County; apparently a homicide, coroner says

Jessamine County Coroner Michael Hughes.
Jessamine County Coroner Michael Hughes.

The death of a person whose remains were found near the Kentucky River in Jessamine County over the weekend apparently was a homicide, but most other details remain a mystery, the county coroner said Monday.

"We would have to say that it appears to be a homicide because of the condition and the fact that the body is not intact," Jessamine County Coroner Michael Hughes said.

"It's probably going to take time to figure out, unless somebody should confess to doing something, or a next of kin comes forward."

Hughes said an autopsy performed Sunday left many unanswered questions, including the cause of death and the person's identity and gender. Authorities are unsure when or where the victim died, he said.

"I would say it has been months, and that the remains had been in the water and just washed up on shore because of the rain we've had," he said. "It could have been in the water a long time and traveled downstream a long way. It's really hard to say at this point where the remains actually came from."

The torso was found Saturday along the riverbank off Camp Daniel Boone Road, near where Jessamine and Madison counties meet.

A passerby who was hiking or fishing came upon the remains and reported it, Hughes said.

Allen Peel, a Jessamine County sheriff's deputy, said Monday that the sheriff's office did not have any open missing person cases and that no further information was available.