Madison County

Man convicted in Madison slaying

RICHMOND — A jury has recommended 45 years in prison for a man found guilty Thursday night in the case of the 2006 murder of a Madison County woman.

Douglas Wayne Hall II would be eligible for parole in 20 years. He received the maximum 10-year sentence for second-degree manslaughter, a lesser charge the jury chose than the murder charge that prosecutors had sought.

He received the maximum 20-year sentence for a charge of first-degree assault. The jury, which deliberated for three hours Friday, also sentenced Hall to concurrent 15-year sentences for first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

Hall, who was convicted Thursday in the death of Margaret Faye Jackson, will be formally sentenced at 1:30 p.m. April 2.

On Friday, Jackson's mother, Vickie Lakes, choked back tears as she remembered how Jackson, 56, enjoyed bringing her large extended family together and just wanted everyone to always be happy.

But since Jackson's death Jan. 29, 2006, "it's been hard to have a family thing because Faye's missing," Lakes said.

Hall also took the stand Friday to apologize to Jackson's family.

"I'd just like for you guys to know that I am sorry," Hall said. "I understand how you feel. I would feel the same way."

Hall testified that he has been off drugs and alcohol since he entered the Madison County jail nearly three years ago. He said he would seek substance abuse treatment and enroll in GED classes when he is transferred to prison.

Family friends of Hall testified that he was a quiet man who never gave them a problem.

"The Doug that I know, I couldn't believe he did this. I couldn't believe what he was arrested for," friend Dee Carver said.

Jackson and Mitchell Turner, 37, were shot and stabbed during a robbery at Jackson's home on McKee Road, east of Berea.

Turner survived the fatal robbery. He testified Friday that his parents had to care for him "like I was a baby again" after the attack. Turner owned his own business, but had to find other work after he was injured.

"Everything just went south from there on," he said.

Another man, Tony Clayton Hodge, received life in prison with the possibility of parole related to Jackson's murder. Hodge pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

After the sentencing, Jackson's brother Merle Lakes said the jury did the best job they could. "But my sister got the death penalty," he said.