Madison County

Ky. fire station to be rebuilt

RICHMOND — A Richmond fire station once renovated by the men who worked there will be rebuilt after being destroyed by a tornado in early May, city officials said.

"We're immediately going to put that fire station back together because it is key to the safety of the people in that area," Richmond City Commissioner Mike Brewer told the Richmond Register.

The May 8 tornado ripped the roof off the 13,500-square-foot building.

Three firefighters inside the building at the time took cover in a bathroom.

The city has advertised for construction bids and was accepting them until Thursday, Richmond City Manager David Evans said. The city's insurance company was contacted and should help with some or all expenses, but neither Evans nor Richmond Fire Chief Gerald Tatum were aware of what the work will cost.

Evans estimated that it would take about four months to complete the renovation.

The station will be rebuilt using the same floor plan, Tatum said.

"Everything will have to be gutted, and we'll have to replace the interior," Evans said. "We'll have a shell to work from, but the foundation was good, so it won't be as expensive."