Madison County

Mercury-spill cleanup continues at Eastern Kentucky University

Crews continued working Monday to clean up a mercury spill at two Eastern Kentucky University buildings.

Work at the new science building is further along, and it might reopen by the middle of the week, pending results that meet state and federal guidelines, EKU spokesman Marc Whitt said.

There was no word on when the Moore Building will reopen, Whitt said. About 10 to 12 tablespoons of mercury were estimated to have been spilled in a first-floor storage room of that building. The mercury came from a barometer, which measures atmospheric pressure.

The spill happened Thursday afternoon as equipment was being moved from Moore to the new building, and some traces of mercury were found in the new building.

CMC Inc., a Nicholasville contractor that specializes in the abatement of hazardous materials, continued to work with officials on the cleanup.

Even a small amount of mercury can be hazardous because it vaporizes.