Madison County

4 men charged with kidnapping a woman in Richmond

Four men have been charged with kidnapping a woman in Richmond on Sunday.

The woman, who was not identified, got into a vehicle with a female friend Sunday, but at some point the friend got out and four men got into the vehicle. The woman did not know the men, and they would not let her out, said Assistant police chief Bob Mott said.

The woman's brother called her and learned of the situation, then called police.

A Richmond police officer found the vehicle and stopped it at the Interstate 75 on-ramp at exit 90 at 2:20 a.m. Monday, according to a news release from the Richmond police.

Two of the men had guns, which they threw out of the vehicle just before police stopped them. Both guns were found.

James C. Fleming, 32, of Richmond; David West, 23, of Louisville; Antwon Brown, 30; and Marcus Rogers, 24, were all charged with kidnapping and taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

Brown and West were charged with second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and first-degree possession of a controlled substance because 11 hydrocodone pills and 1.6 grams of heroin were found near where they were sitting.

Rogers was found with 10 small baggies of methamphetamine and a bag of marijuana on him at the jail. He was charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.