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Richmond police seek man accused of robbing a woman and backing over her

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Name hjere

The Richmond Police Department is looking for a man they say robbed a woman, dragged her with his vehicle, ran over her and later threatened her about pressing charges.

Terry Deangelo Mallory, 31, robbed and assaulted the woman, who was not named by police, on Jan. 28 on South Killarney Lane in Richmond, according to a news release.

He is now thought to be staying with family in the Lexington area.

Police say Mallory was in his vehicle when he offered to pick up a pack of cigarettes for the woman.

When she leaned into the vehicle with her wallet wrapped around her wrist, Mallory grabbed the wallet and accelerated, dragging the woman in the street, according to the release.

Police say Mallory stopped; the woman got loose, but Mallory put the vehicle in reverse and backed over her, then left with the wallet.

The woman was taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital with a "mild concussion, internal bleeding, road rash, a torn kidney, as well as internal and external bruising," and the woman has been told her kidney will need to be removed, according to the release.

Police say Mallory also "contacted the victim and threatened her if she pursued any charges against him."

He is wanted on a warrant for first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and intimidating a participant in the legal process.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division at the Richmond Police Department at (859) 623-1162.