Madison County

$200,000 Kentucky Lottery winner in Berea won the same amount more than a decade ago

Some people have all the luck. Just ask the guy who has won two $200,000 Cash Ball prizes more than a decade apart.

Tuesday night a $200,000 winning Cash Ball ticket was sold at Redi Mart #9 on Glades Road in Berea, Kentucky Lottery spokeswoman Jennifer Cunningham said Wednesday.

The ticket was claimed Wednesday by a winner who wished to remain anonymous, Cunningham said. After taxes, the man walked out of lottery headquarters in Louisville with a check for $138,002.07.

Cunningham said the same man also won a $200,000 Cash Ball prize nearly 11 years ago, on Jan. 13, 2004.

The ticket had five lines of numbers with four lines picked by a machine and one line picked by the winner. It was a quick pick line, Line C, that matched all the winning numbers from the Tuesday night drawing.

Because the winner also chose the "Kicker" feature and the ticket was for two drawings, the total cost of the ticket was $12.

Total prize winnings were $200,003. The winner also matched two of the first four numbers on Line A on the ticket for the Jan. 5 drawing to win $2 and matched the first Kicker number winning $1.

Redi Mart #9 will receive a bonus of $2,000 for selling the winning ticket.