Scott County

Army buddies in Iraq, one from Georgetown, are OK in magazine

“Dude, we so have to do this!”

That's how it began.

“This” would be snap a picture reading the international celebrity magazine OK. “We” would be a Georgetown native and two buddies serving in Iraq.

Capt. David French, a 1987 graduate of Scott County High School, and two of his Army buddies, Capts. John Romito and Jon Norquist, are featured in the next edition of OK. It hits national newsstands Friday with Britney Spears on the cover talking about “how I got my body back.”

So how did three non-celebs make it into a Hollywood rag?

Apparently reading material is scarce in Iraq's Diyala province, where the trio serves with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment out of Fort Hood, Texas. But someone sent over a crate full of OKs and Norquist saw opportunity in “Picture This,” a feature in which readers pose with the magazine.

“If they print that doofus in a hammock,” Norquist told French, according to an e-mail that French, a lawyer in the Army's JAG corps, sent to family and friends, “they'll definitely print a picture of troops in the field.”

“Dear Picture This,” they wrote to OK, “attached are pictures of the most battle-hardened patriots this country has to offer” — who, they added, also enjoy the chance to catch up on “the latest celebrity child-bearing woes and get a glimpse of the red carpet glamor.”

Within 24 hours, the magazine said French and his buddies were in.

Let the fame begin ... or not. French said in an e-mail to the Herald-Leader that the exercise has already served its purpose: “At least we cracked ourselves up.”